Nurse Certifications and Skilled Nursing Caregivers in Indiana

Certifications are a vital part of ensuring schedulers have the credentialled nursing staff and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) they need. Nursing certification is different for each state, and ShiftMed requires nurses and CNAs to upload specific documentation via the ShiftMed app.  

Getting Post-Hiatus Certified Skilled Nurses Back to Work

Now that COVID is increasingly under control, we’re seeing nurses returning to their profession. But what if you’ve been absent from your profession for a year, two, or even three years? A decade?  

If you took leave from the nursing profession for any reason other than disability, medical conditions, or urgent situations, think about how you’ll remain connected with the profession. Some ideas to keep in mind as you seek your next position as a certified skilled nurse: 

ShiftMed Spotlight: Kathryn R., LPN

“I wanted to become a nurse because it offered me the opportunity to do the most amount good in this life,” says Kathryn, Licensed Practical Nurse in Akron, Ohio. Like most, it took Kathryn some time to make the decision to become an LPN. “Initially, I was seeking to do what was the easiest and most fun.”

We sat down with Kathryn to learn more about what drives her, how she started with ShiftMed, and, how she deals with burn out: