5 Trailblazing Women in Healthcare

Since 1987, March has been observed annually as Women’s History Month, celebrating women’s contributions to society and culture throughout American history. For 2022, the official theme of the celebration is “Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.”

This year’s theme pays homage to the ongoing work of women healthcare professionals throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It also recognizes the ways women of all cultures have provided healing and hope throughout history—here are five trailblazers who forged a path for women in healthcare.

8 Black Nurses Who Made History

From the Crimean War to the present, nurses of color have and continue to devote their lives to caring for others. Given that February is Black History Month, it’s the perfect time to celebrate eight Black nurses who changed history forever. However, this is only a sample of the myriad of amazing Black nurses who have helped shape and advance the nursing profession.  

How Nurses Can Gain Job Satisfaction

Better staffing of nurses has been a dilemma for hospitals lately: They need to choose between reducing or limiting direct labor costs and providing better care quality. Some hospitals reduce nurse staffing to minimize cost. But studies show that nurse staffing is reportedly influential in hospitalized patients’ prognoses and safety and hospitals’ financial performance. Further, they show that hospitals with better nurse staffing can alleviate nurses’ workload, attract nurses to practice, and diminish workplace injury and illness rates. 

ShiftMed and HomeCare.com partner with Nurses Against Racism to deliver Scholarships to Minority Nursing Students

Health Care Workers Receive Scholarships to Assist with National Nursing Shortage

MCLEAN, Va., July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ShiftMed, LLC and HomeCare.com, two leading on demand nurse staffing platforms, are proud to announce that four scholarships have been awarded to Black nursing students in partnership with the Nurses Against Racism coalition. The collective, which addresses racial inequities and lack of BIPOC representation in the healthcare industry, chose four Black nurses to award $2,000 each to cover education and advancement costs in their pursuit of a nursing career.

Scholarship recipients were chosen based on the submission of a personal essay on their vision of a career in nursing. With over 125 applicants, the ShiftMed and HomeCare.com teams selected Destiny Ashley (New York, NY), Kamoy Beagle (New York, NY), Rayin Jordan (Fremont, OH), and Salematou Diallo (Philadelphia, PA) to be the coalition’s inaugural winners of the Nurses Against Racism scholarship. All awardees were drawn to nursing because of a personal experience with family:

HomeCare.com Nursing Scholarship Winners

In May of this year, ShiftMed, LLC and HomeCare.com, the sister on-demand staffing platforms addressing health care worker shortages nationwide, partnered with the Nurses Against Racism coalition and announced the HomeCare.com Nursing Scholarship. The scholarship provides equitable opportunities for prospective Black nurses to excel in their studies. All prospective nursing majors, CNAs, LPNs, or RNs were eligible to apply for this scholarship.