5 Trailblazing Women in Healthcare

Since 1987, March has been observed annually as Women’s History Month, celebrating women’s contributions to society and culture throughout American history. For 2022, the official theme of the celebration is “Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.”

This year’s theme pays homage to the ongoing work of women healthcare professionals throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It also recognizes the ways women of all cultures have provided healing and hope throughout history—here are five trailblazers who forged a path for women in healthcare.

How Nurses Can Gain Job Satisfaction

Better staffing of nurses has been a dilemma for hospitals lately: They need to choose between reducing or limiting direct labor costs and providing better care quality. Some hospitals reduce nurse staffing to minimize cost. But studies show that nurse staffing is reportedly influential in hospitalized patients’ prognoses and safety and hospitals’ financial performance. Further, they show that hospitals with better nurse staffing can alleviate nurses’ workload, attract nurses to practice, and diminish workplace injury and illness rates. 

Nurse Certifications and Skilled Nursing Caregivers in Pennsylvania

Certifications are a vital part of ensuring schedulers have the credentialled nursing staff and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) they need. Nursing certification is different for each state, and ShiftMed requires nurses and CNAs to upload specific documentation via the ShiftMed app.  

ShiftMed Spotlight: Kathryn R., LPN

“I wanted to become a nurse because it offered me the opportunity to do the most amount good in this life,” says Kathryn, Licensed Practical Nurse in Akron, Ohio. Like most, it took Kathryn some time to make the decision to become an LPN. “Initially, I was seeking to do what was the easiest and most fun.”

We sat down with Kathryn to learn more about what drives her, how she started with ShiftMed, and, how she deals with burn out:

How to Get a Job as a Nurse 

You’ve just graduated nursing school, and now it is time to find a job. Many colleges have Nurse Career Days where you can learn about the different healthcare facilities in your area that are hiring. You could get career advice from alumni in the area. You can join nursing associations and take workshops to meet other caregivers who can share their experiences with you. 

Or you can look at online sites with job listings for nurses, such as Indeed and Simplyhired. There are also targeted job sites that have listings for nurses, such as ShiftMed.com. These sites present the workforce with tailored work opportunities and a better way to find the work they need for their lifestyle. 

Many nurses and caregivers want to find a career that fits the way they want to work, such as no weekend shifts, or locations within 10 miles of their home, or higher pay.